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Tree Transplanting

Alexander Masonry offers tree moving services in the Hendricks county area.  Our tree service operates out of Brownsburg, IN.  You should consider transplanting a tree when:

  • The tree would be lost due to construction or landscape re-design
  • The tree has overgrown its current location
  • The instant impact of larger trees is desired and cost effective
  • The tree has some sentimental value

Alexander Masonry installs large balled and burlap trees up to 3 inches in diameter from the nursery.
(The diameter is measured twelve inches from the ground.Because or prices are very competitive, sometimes, it is cheaper just to plant new trees.   However, tree spading is very cost effective for existing trees  2 to 4 inches in diameter, or where multiple trees will be moved at once.

Trees can be moved any time of year providing the ground is firm, but Spring and Fall are the ideal seasons.  Some species of trees (such as river birch) should be moved only at specific times. Each species varies, so call us to analyze the movability of your particular trees.

In order to ensure the success of transplanting your tree, certain considerations apply:

  • Indiana Underground Utility (1-800-382-5544) must be notified by the customer one full week prior to tree spade work to identify any electrical or gas lines.  This is a free service.  We will not dig without this being done first.
  • Our Tree Spade is a 44" pull behind trailer type.  There must be adequate space for truck and trailer, at both the new and old sites, to move the tree
  • The tree should be thoroughly watered 1 to 2 days before transplanting.  (equal to a garden hose at trickle for at least 30 minutes.
  • You must continue to water the tree for the first few years to re-establish the root system.  A thorough watering (see above) is required whenever there has not been regular rainfall especially in the summer months, and for evergreens, right up until the ground freezes in winter.
  • The tree should be staked for the first year.
  • If there is grass around the trunk of the newly transplanted tree, it should be gently scrapped off with a shovel and covered with a layer of mulch.  Do not kill grass with any type of grass or weed killer, you may inadvertantly kill the tree as well.  Do not allow mulch to touch the tree trunk.  Do not pile the much up against the trunk of the tree in any way.

We have an outstanding success rate in tree transplanting
over the years, but, ultimately the success of your newly moved tree falls into your hands.  If you properly care for it by following the above steps, you will be doing  your part to ensure the survival of your tree.

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